Dante’s Inferno in Istanbul

“Who will end up at the hottest part of hell?
Come judgement day, it will of course be those ones who who are disinterested in moral crisis!”

Why did Duran, son of the Italian rooted Pisani family, choose to act in the Divine Comedia in Istanbul?

How will the radical catholic Mrs Pisani and the secretive Mr Pisani get affected by the journey that their son has embarked upon?

In what way is Mr. Erdogan, the mysterious king of the dark side of Istanbul, linked the Spanish painter Salvador Dali and the French philosopher Michel Foucault?

Will the devious plan of director Cebrail, member of a mystical cult with its headquarters in Suleymaniye, follow through to achieve what he is after?

What secret is Gizem, the actress who portrays Beatrice with her unnatural beauty, hiding from everybody?

Who will be the one to represent the crucial character of Charon in this play of the Divine Comedia?

What great secret is Charon keeping from the leading actor Duran and how will the Divine Comedia play out over the next seven days?