She was one of the most eloquent and attractive women of the Ottoman Empire. She studied from Paris to Rome, and was tutored by the palace painter Fausto Zonaro. She engraved her name in the history books of art with golden letters.

She fought against the sultan’s agents, Balkan mobsters and the Committee of Union and Progress… Her courage knew no bounds nor her fearlessness..!

When she fell in love with Yahya Kemal who was four years younger than her, she was already married with two children. The famous poet wrote poems called “Ela Gözlü Pars” (The Hazel-Eyed Leopard) about her beauty, and this beautiful woman thought she was on top of the world for the first time in her life. She decided to leave her home for her love.! Unfortunately the poet did not have a big enough heart to carry her with him. He left her halfway and ran off while she was devastated and broken.

But “Ela Gözlü Pars” (The Hazel-Eyed Leopard) did not give in. Would she be able to give birth to her beloved son, Nazim Hikmet, for a second time? She managed to do this. When her son began his hunger strike during his twelfth year of imprisonment, she came forth like a leopard to save him from the arms of death.