Green Ink – The story of Sabahattin Ali

As he fled towards Bulgaria, Sabahattin Ali was not aware that his accomplice was a secret agent of the Republic, and that the journey would end at the gates of death. He would not be able to continue his writing endeavor that had yielded such landmark titles as Kuyucaklı Yusuf (Yusuf From Kuyucakli), İçimizdeki Şeytan (The Devil Amongst Us), and Kürk Mantolu Madonna (The Madonna With The Fur Coat). His death carried the fingerprints of the state.

It is no surprise that his unfinished novel, Ankara, was to reveal the brutal intricacies and devious schemes that tainted the politics and bureaucracy of the state.
As he hit the floor after a blow to his head from a mysterious traitor, his infamous Green Ink fountain pen fell out of his pocket, the pages of his novel scattered out of his briefcase, his unfinished work was left as an orphan, just like his daughter.
Tears ran out of his beloved wife Aliye’s photographs in his pocket, as he hit the floor never to awaken again.

He was an enlightened patriot, who was to live a short life, and become a national legend with his works which would capture the imagination of a nation.
He stood against injustice with his pen and oppression with his views, while he loved as a true lover would.

From the author of Celile comes the story of a man who went against the grain and became the strong voice of a lost generation, Green Ink.