Lord of Knowledge

Will the library of the Knights Templar, which bares scriptures from Ibn Arabi, resurface with the help of a mixed blooded youngster? From a Jesuit priest whose loyalty cannot be disputed to a youngster who studies in Cambridge with great family ties to Uskudar… An extraordinary adventure!

It is common knowledge that the eastern cults who provided a basis for the enlightenment of the Knights Templar. The knights who returned from the holly lands brought back knowledge that would help trigger enlightenment across Europe. Who were the cults that aided the Knights Templar during the crusades?

During and after his death, Ibn Arabi faced defamation by the Ottomans and the Europeans. He was approached with suspicion and wariness. Many of the intellectuals have heard of the great scholar but never came to grips with his contributions to the enlightenment of human kind. The influences of Ibn Arabi can be seen through out the scholars that have shaped the flow of history.

Lord of Wisdom will challenge the ways to perceive concepts such as “Science” and  “Mysticism”, “East” and “West”.