Love and the Sword in a Masonic Lodge

The First Turkish Novel that is set in a Masons Lodge

Two new, young brothers, Azem and Sedat are at a Masons’ Lodge where women are forbidden to enter. All eyes are upon them, watching every move they make carefully! Will the Masons that have acted according to strict procedures for centuries accept this crisis of love?

The world renowned auction house, Bonhams, has offered to sell the sword that has been hung up in the Grand Masters chambers at a starting price of 20.000.000 pounds. Experts have stated that “It wouldn’t be a surprise if we hit the 100.000.000 pound mark”. Who will be the owner of the ‘hermetic sword’ that was specially crafted 400 years ago for Shah Jahan, the mind behind the symbol of India – The Taj Mahal? Who will be the victor the Turkish Masons or the Indian heirs to the sword?

Was Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani a British spy or did he work for the Russians? Was he a Muslim or a Zoroastrian? Why did the die with the thought that no one loved him? This is the breath taking story hidden in Love, Sword and Azem of Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani, a Mason Master.

Will a Venerable Master in the middle of all this chaos and the Masonic Grand Master have enough power to triumph in this majestic battle in the shadow of an “Forbidden Love” and the ‘Hermetic Sword’?