Pythagoras’s Antiphon

The great struggle between two pastors and a girl in the name of human dignity.

LENA, Aged 24.

Got critically wounded by a rogue gas canister that hit her head on the first day of the Gezi Resistance. She has been put to sleep for an unknown period of time. She will probably not survive.

ANASTAS, Aged 28.

LENA’s older brother. Studied Theology. He is an academic and a pastor. After the indecent that put his sister to sleep he decided to battle against “the human ways” in a way that he knows best.

ELIF, Aged 25.

Met Lena at the Gezi Resistance. Took the young girl to hospital after she had been shot by a gas canister. Came across Anastas at Taksim Hospital and decided to support him through his struggles against ‘the human ways’.

VIKTOR, Aged 28.

He is a real “Bogomilist”. Anastas’es school friend and an expert on Orthodox church music. He was in Sofia when the Gezi Resistance started. Was aggravated when he heard about what had appened to Lena. Decided to fulfil his duties given by the Phytagoras Brotherhood. He stood side by side with Anastas and fought to the end.

The actions that a girl and the two members of the Phytagoras Brootherhood will anger many including the Turkish Government, that promote “moderate Islam”, and all the radical Christians. The triads’ extraordinary adventures will take place in Istanbul, Sofia and London as well as other important locations.

Throughout, various key religious and philosophical figures such as Pavlus, Appolionus and Pythagoras will be mentioned numerous times.

The book will discuss the notions of a “fake prophet”, Jesus Christ, and will encapsulate the Gezi Protests while providing a thoroughly enjoyable read.